Washer Dryers

washer dryers

You might be wondering how the washer dryer got its name. A washer dryer is a combination of washing machine and dryer. Hence the name ‘washer dryer’.


Washer dryer is designed to suit the modern day needs of the consumers. If you are planning to own a washer dryer, it can help you in many ways. It is a small appliance which can be easily fit into a small house without consuming much space. It also helps to save a lot of money too when you put all the clothes in the dryer for both washing and drying. You just have to load the dirty clothes and wait for it to get clean and dry.


Washer dryer usually consist of most of the features available in a washing machine and dryer. While planning to buy a dryer you have to select one that suits your requirements. There is no point in buying a dryer with lots of features which you really don’t need. The size of a washer dryer does matter. Choose the size of the dryer according to the headcount in your family.


A 5kg washer dryer is more than enough for a single individual or a couple. You can load all you clothes at one go for washing and drying. This washer dryer will fit in your house without any trouble. The compact size of the machine enables itself to consume less space than other dryers with more capacity. BOSCH WVD24520G 1200RPM, AEG L12710VIT Built-in 5kg Washer Dryer, Siemens WDI1442 Washer Dryer White, Smeg WDI16BA1_WH built in washer dryer, Bosch BOSWDW01, Hoover VHW654D etc are some of the washer dryers from popular brands that come under 5kg capacity.


If you have a small family that consists of 4 or five members including children then you can opt for a 6kg or 7kg washer dryer.  Children’s clothes need to be washed frequently. They go out so often to play in the garden or in the play ground with friends. The clothes will have stains, mud and other kinds of dirt. Since you have to do more washing a smaller washer dryer may not carry out all your needs. So a 7 kg washer dryer will be apt for you. Some of the washer dryers that belong to this category are BOSCH WTE84104U Washer Dryer, BEKO DRCS68W Washer Dryer, HOTPOINT TVM562P VENTED Washer Dryer, INDESIT IWDC6125 Washer Dryer, BOSCH WTE84308U Washer Dryer, INDESIT IDC75 Washer Dryer, and AEG L16850 Washer Dryer.


For bigger families with more than 6 members in the house it is better to have a washer dryer that has large space.  Washer dryers that belong to the category of 8kg to 10 kg capacity will be perfect for such big families. You can load all your families close at the same time. HOOVER VHW854D Washer Dryer, HOTPOINT AQCF852BU Washer Dryer, and HOOVER VHC381 Washer Dryer belong to this category.


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