Tumble Dryers

tumble dryers

Concerned about the changing weather? Are you finding it difficult to dry your clothes in tough weather conditions? Your worries will vanish by owning a tumble dryer.


Tumble dryer is a very important home appliance used to do the laundry. It keeps your clothes dry and clean. The latest advancements in the technology have upgraded the tumble dryers with many functions. The latest ones available in the market are more efficient in performance and less in price. The consumption of energy is also much less compared to the earlier models.


The capacity of a tumble dryer varies from 6kg to 10 kg. There are lots of programs included in a tumble dryer like the cupboard dry, extra dry, delay start function, iron, easy iron, time display, wool, and anti-crease. All these programs are meant to give your clothes the extra care you need.


Tumble dryers are available in different looks such as aluminum, anthracite, stainless steel, brushed steel, plain body (white), etc. They can be chosen according to you taste or the style and colour of the other appliances in your kitchen. Various companies have launched different types of tumble dryers. They are basically categorized into three types- Condenser, Vented and Gas.


In a vented model the water from the clothes is flushed out through a hose or vent. This is different when it comes to the condenser type. The water from the damp clothes is collected in the reservoir. Another aspect is that vented models are much cheaper than the condenser models.


Before buying a tumble dryer you should have a clear of idea about the different types of programmable functions available in a tumble dryer. You can either get a model with a timer or sensor. In the timer model, the user has to set the time to perform a function. Where as, in the sensor model the tumble dryer will automatically stop when the clothes inside becomes dry.


Key Features to look out for:

  • Energy rating – tumble dryers are rated from A to G. A is the most efficient.
  • Reverse drying action – prevents tangling of clothes and reduces wrinkles by spinning the drum in both directions.
  • Cupboard dry - a program that dries clothes so they are extra dry for immediate wear .
  • Fluff filter indicator - alerts you when it's time to empty the fluff filter, to keep the dryer working well.
  • Delayed start option - lets you set it to start according to your convenience.
  • Iron dry - a program that leaves clothes slightly damp for easy ironing. 
  • Sensor drying - the cycle automatically stops when your clothes are dry. 
  • Cool tumble - a cooler setting for delicate clothing and fabrics.

 Another classification in tumble dryer is according to the construction- compact, built-in and freestanding. The compact dryer is suitable for a small family for the capacity is low. With the built –in models you can hide it in a cabinet door. The advantage of a free standing machine is that it can be placed anywhere.


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