We all like ice creams, fruit salads, jellies, cool fruit drinks etc. However, have you ever thought, who is the master behind these cold treats? Yes, it is refrigerator. It helps to serve those foodies cold on your table.


Refrigerators are appliances, which are used to store foods and other items in cold temperatures. They are used in all places such as house, shop, restaurant, industry, hospital, and institute. Technologies in refrigerators are simple and the main component in a refrigerator is its compressor.  They maintain the cold temperature in refrigerators and continue supplying cool air. Although simple in technology, refrigerators are a great help in all places.


Refrigerators are classified as Fridges, Freezers, Fridge Freezers and Iceboxes. Let us have a concise discussion on these classifications.


Fridges are generally used in house holds and small juice shops. They store food items, fruit drinks, milk, vegetables, etc. Fridges maintain a temperature just above the freezing point of water. In hospitals blood samples, medicines, etc are kept in fridges.


Freezers maintain a temperature below the freezing point of water. Thus, they help to store food materials like ice creams, jellies, meat products, etc. They are also used to keep ice bags and ice trays. Some high temperature-sensitive medicines are preserved in freezers.


Fridge freezers are useful in households. Fridge freezer combines the functions of fridge and freezer. Usually the freezer occupies the top position and fridge occupies the lowest portion in a fridge freezer. All fridge freezers have two separate compartments to for fridge and freezers. They help to reduce space and energy consumption in a kitchen.


Iceboxes are just small boxes used to keep ice cubes. They are just simple thermally insulated boxes. Usually they are not considered as refrigerators. However, technically they are refrigerators.


Several companies manufacture refrigerators. Branded companies like Whirlpool, Electrolux, SMEG, Stoves, AEG, Lec, Indesit, Candy, Baumatic, Bosch, Samsung and others have strong markets in the United Kingdom. They jostle to capture the majority market by introducing versatile models with sophisticated technologies. To enhance more reliability in their products, all of them give huge priority for quality standards. They also serve customers through customer complaint cells.


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