Range Cookers

range cookers

Range cookers are essential utensils in all kitchens. They are true friends in kitchen and they simplify your chore. Range cookers combine several equipments. They have ovens, cookers, hobs, drawers, etc. Some high-end models have rotisserie, dual grill, and griddle. Since they have these much functions, they find place in most of the kitchens in the United Kingdom.


Range cookers come in different sizes. Usual size or medium size of a range cooker is between 90 cm to 110 cm. There are smaller and bigger sizes also. In kitchens where there are space constraints, it is always good to buy a small or medium sized range cooker. However, in large kitchens, large sized range cookers are suitable.


There are several types of range cookers. They are classified according to the make and method of functioning. Some classifications are electric range cookers, gas range cookers, LPG range cookers, and dual range cookers. This classification is based on the power supply to range cookers. Electric cookers work with electric current supply.

Gas cookers use gas as the fuel for power supply and LPG range cookers use Liquid Petroleum Gas as the power fuel. Dual range cookers have two power sources- one is electric and the other is gas fuel. Ovens in range cookers cook fast with electric supply and hobs in range cookers work fast in gas range cookers. Dual range cookers give the benefit of both gas range cookers and electric range cookers.


Several companies manufacture range cookers. Most of those companies have good sales in the United Kingdom. Consumers in the UK are more quality concerned. Therefore, all manufacturers give preference for quality of range cookers. In addition, most of them try to embed modern electronic controls on these range cookers. This is done to provide good and efficient range cookers to consumers and to compete with contemporaries in the market.


Range cookers are sold in stores across the United Kingdom. Some stores give online shopping and delivery. In that case, either you can pay money using credit cards or give cash on delivery. Most of the stores give discounts on special seasons. Even you can get good range cookers for cheaper prices in off-seasons. However, you will get good deals only during seasonal sales.


Before buying a range cooker, you need to have clear knowledge about model and brand that you want to buy. When it is confirmed, you can choose the suitable range cooker for your house.


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