Can you imagine your kitchen without a cooker or an oven or even a stove? A cooker has been an integral part of your home for a very long time.  It is an appliance used in kitchen to cook food. Cookers are available in various, size shape, colour and functional specifications.


The wide popularity and usage of cooker in the household has led to a drastic change to the face and image of the cooker. Cooker has evolved into namely gas cookers, electric cookers, steam cookers, rice cookers and many more types. Let’s have a brief discussion on some of these different types of cookers.


Rice Cooker:


A rice cooker belongs to the category of steam cooking. This is considered as the healthiest way to prepare food. Since health is a major concern for people these days a rice cooker can be given top priority to cook rice than any other cooker. A rice cooker uses the steam mechanism to make food. This way the nutrition value of the food is not lost at the same time the aroma is not mixed. So, if you are a person conscious about health then opt for a rice cooker.


While deciding to buy rice cooker don’t think of short term benefits like low price. It is always safe to choose the product of an established brand. It will definitely perform well though it may cost a bit more. These brands can assure you high quality and endurance. The main advantage of the rice cooker is the high temperature resistance which enables you to cook faster. Rice cooker with multiple deck are also there to make your cooking simple. In this cooker you can place more than one food item at a time for cooking.


Electric Cooker:


Make your cooking simpler, quicker and easier with electric cookers. An electric cooker is made for the modern day kitchen. Electric cookers are not confined to home only. They are used for professional style of cooking by chefs in restaurants. An electric cooker is trusted as a worthy appliance for cooking in the restaurants.
Electric cookers are very user friendly in nature. They are very easy to handle. Manufacturing companies incorporates advanced technology to make the users feel at ease while cooking. There are many advantages for using an electric cooker. The pressure for the electric cooker can be adjusted to high or low for cooking, boiling, baking or heating up the food. This cooker works on electricity.


Gas Cooker


The disadvantages of electric cooker became a boon to gas cooker. Since the electric cooker consumes a lot of power the manufactures and customers turned their attention to gas cooker. A gas cooker use natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the fuel.


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