Neff Larder Fridges

neff larder fridges

Larder fridges are a convenient option for you to store all your food items. The excellent cooling feature of this fridge keeps everything kept inside fresh. Larder fridges are called so because they provide a huge amount of space to keep all your fresh foods cool, just like a larder. These fridges do not have a freezer, chiller, or icebox. Many companies manufacture larder fridges, including: Bosch, Electolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Smeg, etc. While purchasing a larder fridge, the most essential qualities you would look for are the ability to offer good cooling, easy to clean, and enough shelves and cupboards for storing the food items.


Neff offers all the above mentioned qualities and many more. Models available in the Neff integrated larder range include the extra large and eye level options, all featuring Neff's latest technology and design. In the integrated category, Neff has three larder fridges: Neff K5764X0GB Integrated Larder Fridge, Neff K5604X7GB Integrated Larder Refrigerator, and NEFF K4624X4GB Integrated Larder Fridge. The main difference between the three is their height – 102.1 cm, 122.1 cm and 177.2 cm. The advantage of integrated or built-in larder fridge is that it perfectly fits in the kitchen interior.


All of the Neff integrated larders have height adjustable safety glass shelves including one that divides, which have an AntiSpill trim. There is also an internal fridge fan to help keep the temperature at an optimum level, two humidity controlled salad drawers to keep salad crispy and fresh for longer by keeping the humidity at an optimum level. It is very important when buying a new fridge to look for an energy efficient appliance. All three models have an energy efficiency rating of A-, a total energy consumption of 179kWh. You can find these larder fridges from Neff on Compare Cheap. It is an online shopping website.


Neff was started as a small family business over 125 years ago in Germany, and has since established itself as a major player in the European kitchen appliance market. Neff products first became available in the UK around 30 years ago. Over the years, Neff has been responsible for a significant number of breakthrough products and kitchen concepts. Our company has built a reputation for producing appliances that not only look great but cook brilliantly too. Over the years, the company has continuously led the way in producing innovative new appliances which make life in the kitchen more pleasurable.


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