Lec Larder Fridges

lec larder fridges

Preservation of food is a major concern in this modern world. The busy professional world demands storage of food in advance. Thus, the home appliance companies have come up with various refrigeration systems to help you with that. Larder Fridges, freezers, counter top fridges, fridge freezers, built in freezers, built under freezers are some of them. They help you to preserve the food as long as you want. They also help to keep the fruits and vegetables afresh. They are indeed a great help to the society which is moving at a fast pace.


Among the refrigeration systems, larder fridges are very popular. It does not have the facilities of a freezer or fridge freezers. That means they do not keep the food items below the freezing point of water. However, it can save space in your kitchen. Therefore, if you are looking for a space saving refrigeration system, then larder fridge is an apt choice.


There are a large number of larder fridge brands in the United Kingdom. Lec is a premiere brand among them. Lec Company was founded by Charles and Frank Purley in the year 1942. As a remedy to overcome the increasing cost of the ice, Charles and Frank Purley, invented a new cooling machine. This machine grew in demand and resulted in the founding of Lec Company. Lec is now owned by the largest maker of the home appliances, Glen Dimplex Home Applainces. The acquisition of Lec happened in 2005. This gave a face shift to Lec fridges and other refrigeration systems. Lec have four models of larder fridges.


Lec L5526S is 55cm Wide and is an Under Counter Larder Fridge. It is the silver variant of L5526W.


Lec L5526W has 55cm Width and it is an Under Counter Larder Fridge.


Lec L5546W is 55cm Wide and is an Above Counter Larder Fridge.


Lec L6046W has 60cm Width and is an Above Counter Larder Fridge.


All the models of Lec larder fridges are environment friendly and CFC free. Lec larder fridges have the futuristic designs and innovative technology. This makes them unique among other refrigeration companies. Lec is a trusted brand in the refrigeration industry and have good consumer response.


The job of choosing a good larder fridge is difficult because there are many companies which produce larder fridges with lot of functionalities. You may end up in dubiety, once you go alone to buy a Larder fridge. Therefore, before buying a larder fridge, you should have a thorough knowledge of different models available in the market and features of it. This detailed study will help you to buy the apt larder fridge for your house. We know that it is difficult for you to have a detailed research and study about the larder fridges in midst of your busy professional life. Therefore to cater your needs, we at www.cheappricecompare.co.uk have prepared all those meticulous studies about larder fridges. We have customer reviews, cheapest prices, and best models and so on. Have a nice experience of shopping with our service.