Indesit Larder Fridges

indesit larder fridges

Usually in small apartments, the space is very less. In order to get maximum space, everyone try to get the equipments which saves space. Larder fridges are fridges which occupy very less space. Therefore one of the reasons everyone likes to buy larder fridge is the extra space it offers. Although it is small in size, it lacks component which is necessary to an extent. Larder fridges do not have the components like, freezer, chiller or ice boxes. If the inconvenience is substituted by the space saving, then those inconveniences are negated. In other words, if your need is space, then never think of the facilities that larder fridge lacks.


Now you got why you need a larder fridge. Let us have a look at epitomes of Indesit Larder Fridges.


Larder fridges are ingenious appliances made by Indesit. Traced by the tradition of more than 30 years, Indesit own a rich name in the galore of home appliance brands.


Indesit laid its foundation in 1975. Mr. Vittorio Merloni is the founder of the Indesit Group. He is also the present chairman of the company. Indesit Company has wide array of home appliances. They own the popular brands such as, Hotpoint-Ariston, Creda, Scholtès, Indesit and Cannon. It is also the second largest home appliance company in the Europe. Thus going for an Indesit larder fridge is worth yours weight in gold.


There are around 30 models for Indesit larder fridges. Some of the models and its attribute are given below,


SAN300 Indesit Larder Fridge has capacity of 10.2cu, automatic defrost and anti bacterial protection. It is available in white colour.


SAN400S Indesit Larder Fridge is a tall larder fridge in Silver colour. The fridge capacity is 350 litres. It has Hygiene Control and A Energy Rating.


TLA1W Indesit Larder fridge has white colour and a capacity of 4.6cu ft. It has no anti bacterial protection, but has automatic defrost system.


INTS1611 Indesit is a built under Larder Fridge. It is available in white colour and has a capacity of 139 litres and Energy rating A.


TLA1S is a freestanding larder fridge. It has auto defrost and Mechanical temperature controls.


Indesit larder fridges display great style and functioning. They are energy efficient utensils and hence power consumption is very low. The model prices vary according to size and the technological sophistication.


Counting all the advantages, discussed so far, you may feel it is good to buy an Indesit larder fridge. If you are planning to buy an Indesit larder fridge, then you have reached the appropriate website. In this website,, we offer all the features and details about Indesit Larder fridges which include best deals, reviews and many others. Therefore, don’t go here and there, have your great shopping through us.