Hoover Larder Fridges

hoover larder fridges

In this busy world cooking everyday is not practical. It means you may have to sacrifice so much of time, after the chores of the office and kitchen, with your immediate family members if you are to cook daily. Instead of cooking daily, you can plan for a day when you will prepare food for coming three days. Then for the next two or three days you will be free to join your family. Obviously, you will ask, “where do I keep those cooked foods without spoiling?” That is a smart question and the smart answer for that is “Larder Fridge.” Let us get into it more.


What are Larder Fridges?


Larder fridges are fridges which help you to store food items, wines, fruit drinks, vegetables, milk, chocolates and even pharmaceutics. They prevent these things from spoiling for prolonged days than they usually remain when kept inside other traditional cooling methods. Thus having a larder fridge will workout well and give you enough time with your family.


Which are the companies that manufacture Larder Fridges?


Larder fridges are manufactured by all major brands in the United Kingdom. AEG-Electrolux, SMEG, Hotpoint, Electrolux, Miele, Hoover, Candy are some of them. They all are equally competent in the technology that they use in larder fridges.


How about Hoover?


Hoover is an international brand started in the year 1908 in Ohio. It registered as a company in the UK in 1919. Presently owned by Candy S.p.A of Italy, Hoover has a wide array of appliances like, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, cookers and other kitchen appliances. The larder fridges are the flagship products of Hoover. It gives perfect solution for the customer’s lifestyle and needs for proper cold storage of food.


Which are the models of Hoover larder fridges?


Currently, company manufactures three latest models of larder fridges. HLS6163TA, HLS6163A, and HLS6163W are those three models. There are also two built under fridges namely, HBRU 160AK Built-Under Fridge and HBRU 164AK Built-Under Fridge. These models of Hoover are designed for versatility, style and efficiency. Frost Free Plus +; Quick chill zone; XL Fruit and Vegetable store; Fast Temperature Recovery, etc. are some of the added features of Hoover Larder fridges. The capacity of the three models- HLS6163TA, HLS6163A, and HLS6163W- are 318 litres, 322 litres and 322 litres, respectively. The larders are Aesthetic in look, from inside and outside. All of them are good refrigerators with fair prices.


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