Electrolux Larder Fridges

electrolux larder fridges

Larder fridges are refrigeration appliances used in homes. The refrigeration appliances protect the food from spoilage. It is more effective than the old methods like preserving with salt and other methods. Larder fridges give space to keep only those food items which will not be spoilt if not kept below the freezing point of water. Those foods include vegetables, fruits, dishes, etc.


The companies like AEG, Panasonic, Electrolux, Samsung, SMEG, Bosch, LG, Sony, etc manufacture good quality larder fridges. They have a fair price and high quality. They contend each other for developing innovative products. Electrolux is one of those firms. The ninety year old company has lot of other industries under their fold.


Electrolux is a world known company. Their history goes back to 1912, when Axel Wenner-Gren developed the first household vacuum cleaner. Its name was Lux. In 1925, they started manufacturing absorption refrigerators. Today they have extended their presence to all major continents and sub-continents. Electrolux has not yet left the vision and the values kept by their founder Axel Wenner-Gren. At present, they sell nearly 40 million appliances in 150 regions and countries each year.


Larder fridges of Electrolux are unique in its quality. The refined technology of Larder Fridge is exceptionally good. The major models of Electrolux Larder Fridge are given below.


Size: 4.9cf; Definition: Fridge under Counter Larder Fridges; Lowest Price: £419.99


Size: 8.1 cu.ft; Definition: Integrated in-column larder fridge; Lowest Price: £376.00


ERN16300 Electrolux-
Definition: Integrated In-Column Larder Fridge; Lowest Price: £249.99


ERU14400 Electrolux
Definition: Built-in Under Counter Larder Fridge; Lowest Price:  £289.99


ERN23800 Electrolux
Definition: Integrated in-column larder fridge; Lowest Price: £432.00


ERN34800 Electrolux
Definition: Integrated in-column larder fridge Fridges; Lowest Price: £515.00


ERN16300I Electrolux
Size: 5.57cu.ft; Definition: Integrated Larder Fridge; Lowest Price: £279.99


ERC39260W Electrolux
Definition: Freestanding Tall Larder Fridge; Lowest Price: £384.97


ERN16310 Electrolux
Definition: Built-in In-column Larder Fridge; Lowest Price: £349.99


The profile of Electrolux is good. They are the world leaders in the refrigeration systems. They have got lot of appreciations for the products like, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, fridges, freezers, etc. Thence, you can believe in the technology and quality of Electrolux larder fridges.


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