Candy Larder Fridges

candy larder fridges

Are you aware that you are wasting too much food only because you do not have a refrigerator in your house? Having a refrigerator is like saving a little food resource a day and consequently, it contributes to the livelihood of millions of people under poverty. Therefore, if you do not have a refrigerator in your house you can proceed and buy a good refrigerator soon. Even if you have one at your home, which may be an old model, it is good to change that because the modern refrigerators are energy efficient and saves power and energy.


If you are prompted by this to get one refrigerator, it would be great if you ‘plan’ and buy one. If you don’t plan for the best and suitable refrigerator, you will end up in dubiety. That is why we,, are here to help you in planning your apt refrigerator.


There are, generally, three kinds of refrigerator systems. They are larder fridges, Freezers, and fridge freezers. Freezers are equipments used to store highly sensitive food items like milk, meat, ice creams, puddings, etc. They preserve food far below the freezing point of water. Larder fridges are those refrigerators which are used to store normal or less sensitive food items such as, fruits, vegetables, wines, fruit drinks, dishes, etc. Fridge freezers combine the features of both fridge and freezers.


There are so many brands of refrigerators in the United Kingdom. They include SMEG, Electrolux, Miele, Neff, Candy, Zanussi, Indesit, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic and many more. Among these, Candy refrigerators have many models of refrigerators in hand. Here we are going to talk about Candy and its larder fridge models.


Candy Company took first steps in the home appliance industry in the year 1945. The first product was Model 50- first indigenously built Italian washing Machine. The journey started from there, had no stop till this day. They are one of the leading brands in the Europe with a representative office in Shanghai, China. Therefore, it has a wide presence even in other parts of the world. There is no doubt that Candy is a trusted brand and they produce large number of appliances like, washing machines, tumble dryers, Washer dryers, Dish washers, Freestanding cookers and microwaves, and built in products.


There are various models for Candy Larder fridges. The latest of all models of Candy Larder fridges are, CFLE5085W Larder Fridge, CBL 150 Built-in Larder Fridge, CRU 160 Built-under Refrigerator and CFO5085W Fridge. There are many other models which the company had discontinued the production, but available in various stores. Some of them with little features are given below.

    Features: Built Under-counter Larder Refrigerators
    Features: Fully Integrated and Built-in Larder Fridge with 150 Litre capacity
    Features: Integrated Larder Fridge with 211 Litre capacity
  • Candy CIO225A
    Features: Built in Larder Fridge with Energy rate ‘A’
  • Candy CFLE5485W
    Features: Under counter Larder Fridge
  • Candy CFLE5085W
    Features: Larder Fridge with Energy Rate ‘A’
  • Candy CFLE5485S
    Features: Larder Fridge with Energy Rate ‘A’
  • Candy CFO5085W
    Features: Larder Fridge with Energy Rate ‘A’
  • Candy CFOE5485S
    Features: Larder Fridge with Energy Rate ‘A’
  • Candy CFOE5485W
    Features: Larder Fridge with Energy Rate ‘A’

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