Bosch Larder Fridge

bosch larder fridge

Fridge help to preserve food stuffs. They keep the fruits and vegetables fresh as it is from the garden. The fridges are made by all key home appliance companies. One among them is Bosch. They have large number of businesses and their skill horizon is present in various areas. Without any doubt, their expertise and skill is exhibited in their products, especially, larder fridges.


The starting of Bosch was in a small workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. That was in 1886. It was founded by Robert Bosch. It started as a precision mechanics and electrical engineering workshop. Soon in 1887 they started manufacturing Bosch Low-voltage Magneto for stationary engines. This was then expanded to motor vehicles in 1897. The name and honour thus received helped it to expand outside Germany. The first oversees office was setup in the UK in 1898. That place continues to be the head office of the United Kingdom.


Bosch has many models of fridges. There are two kinds of fridges- Freestanding and Built-in. The Built-in types and the Freestanding are again classified as three- Logixx, Exxcel, and Classixx. The models in Freestanding kinds of Bosch Fridges are,

  1. KTR18P20GB Under counter EASY ACCESS fridge Logixx
  2. KSR38A01GB Tall upright fridge Logixx
  3. KTR15V21GB Under counter fridge Exxcel
  4. KTR16A60GB Silver under counter fridge Exxcel
  5. KTL15V21GB Under counter fridge Exxcel
  6. KTR16A21GB Under counter fridge Exxcel
  7. KSR34V02GB Medium upright fridge Exxcel
  8. KSR34V62GB Medium upright fridge Exxcel
  9. KTR14N11GB Under counter fridge Classixx
  10. KSR30N01GB Small upright fridge Classixx
  11. KSR38N01GB Tall upright fridge Classixx

The Built-in models of Bosch fridges are,

  1. KIR18A51GB Built-in fridge Logixx
  2. KIR18V00GB Built-in fridge Exxcel
  3. KIL38A50GB Built-in fridge with ice-box Exxcel
  4. KIL24A50GB Built-in fridge with ice-box Exxcel
  5. KUR15A40GB Built-under fridge Classixx
  6. KIR38A50GB Built-in fridge Classixx
  7. KIR24A50GB Built-in fridge Classixx
  8. KUL15A40GB Built-under fridge Classixx

The price range of Freestanding models is £200.00 to £600.00 and the price level of Built-in types Bosch fridges is £300.00 to £1000.00.Some of the peculiarities of Bosch Fridges are elegant design, large interior space, and good technology. The after-sales services of Bosch fridge are also good. However, some customers are not satisfied by its refrigeration system.  


Searching the best fridge for your kitchen is a strenuous job. Even after the search we may not be satisfied. We will be confused with the various models and find it difficult to choose one. Thence, to avoid confusions and to get clarity, you will need some guide to select the apt fridge. Here we offer you the details you need while planning to buy a fridge. In this website you will receive customer reviews, features and cheapest prices of Bosch fridges. So, enjoy shopping!!!