Belling Larder Fridges

belling larder fridges

The beauty of kitchen is defined by the utensils in it. The appliances can make the kitchen smart and awesome in look. Larder Fridges are one among those appliances. They have the great function of preserving the food items for long days. The larder fridges are now common in almost all the houses. It helps to preserve those foods which need not be frozen. Thence, it is necessary to have a Larder Fridge in your house.


The sales and production of refrigeration systems have gained pace in the recent years. The bigwigs in the home appliance industry like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, SMEG, Bosch, Electrolux, Beko, Belling, AEG- Electrolux, Zanussi and many other brands have shown an upward growing trend in the UK markets. The unending competitive spirits have indeed helped to raise the sales of fridges and other refrigerators. Eventually the need for satisfying customers with high quality product became the agenda of those bigwigs.


Belling is a UK- based company. It laid its base in the year 1912 in Lancaster in the United Kingdom. The founder of Belling is Charles A. Belling. The growth that marked by the introduction of the Baby Belling cooker, has reached far-new horizons. Today they have many varieties of appliances, off which, larder fridge is one of them. After being acquired by Glen Dimplex Group in 1992, Belling is happy to present the “fantastic collection” of appliances to the consumers. In the start of the new millennium, Belling got a face shift with new logo and a punching line- Belling “Think of Everything.”  In 2007, it was awarded for being the best customer care appliance.


Belling manufactures only one model of larder fridge. Its model number is BE813. It is a built-in under larder fridge. BE808 is a discontinued Larder fridge model of Belling, which is still available in one or two stores. It is also a built-in under larder fridge. The cheapest prices of the two models- BE813 and BE808- are £314.99 and £248.00 respectively. Let us hope for new models of larder fridges, in the coming years, from Belling.


Belling larder fridge customers are satisfied with the usability and looks of it. They are typical larder fridges.


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