Baumatic Larder Fridges

baumatic larder fridges

Larder Fridges are essential to put in food without making it bilious and spoiled. They keep afresh the food, drinks, wines, fruit and vegetables for long time. It also preserves the dishes, milk and other essential food items. In short, the Larder fridges are small store rooms in the houses.


Baumatic Company is a famous brand who is into the manufacturing of Larder Fridges. It was established in the year 1992 in the United Kingdom. Baumatic is one of the a few family owned companies. It showed incredible pace of growth in very few years and established itself as a worldwide giant in the home appliance industry. Baumatic Company has manifold variety of home appliances. Today they have operations at Australia, Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia.


The Larder Fridges and other appliances of Baumatic Company are contrived by well-known architects like Alberto Solari and other skilled engineers. Perfection, thus made possible, is uncompromised in the Larder fridges and the other gadgets of the Baumatic Company. The beautiful and elegant designs and the colours of the Larder fridges and other appliances wake up your senses and please your eyes.


Baumatic Larder Fridges have two series, namely, Integrated Refrigeration and Freestanding Refrigeration. Freestanding Baumatic Larder fridges are,

  1. RETRO13IV- 296 Litre Retro Style Double Door Fridge
  2. RETRO13BL- 296 Litre Retro Style Double Door Fridge
  3. RETRO12BL- 271 Litre Retro Style Fridge with Icebox
  4. RETRO12IV- 271 Litre Retro Style Fridge with Icebox

The Integrated Larder Fridge models of Baumatic Company are,

  1. BR11.2A- 130 Litre Built-under Fridge with Icebox
  2. BR15A- Built-under Larder Fridge
  3. BR16.3A- 137 Litre Built-in Larder Fridge
  4. BR200.3A- 206 Litre Built-in Larder Fridge
  5. BR201.3A- 195 Litre Built-in Fridge with Icebox

The prices of the Baumatic Larder fridges are affordable and it is sold with discounts in various stores. The whole price range will come in between £200.00 and £1000.00. There are negative customer responses and positive customer responses. Some of them boast about using the Baumatic appliances for the past 7 years. A few of them had complaints about some breakage of parts. But is does not affect the functioning of the product.


Analysing all things, the Larder Fridges are useful and very good home appliance. They will cater with all the need of your daily life.


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