AEG Larder Fridges

aeg larder fridges

Fridges are useful to store eatables and food. They help us to preserve food and thereby avoid spoilage of food. The fridge keeps fruits or vegetables or dishes or the food items, which need not be kept below the freezing point of water, without spoiling them for several days. Moreover, they can be used to store wines and other favourite drinks of yours. Hence, fridge is a necessary gadget in a house.


AEG- Electrolux is a major brand, which deals with refrigerators. Besides refrigerators, they manufacture several other home appliances like, television, cookers, hobs, etc. The appliances of AEG-Electrolux are far honoured in different parts of the world. The technical assistance that AEG received from Electrolux group advanced its growth in the industry as well as in the market.


AEG is the short form of 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft.' Its original name was 'Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft' (DEG). It got its base as a patented workshop for Edison’s Lamp in 1883. Emil Rathenau was the proprietor then. When the electrical work in Germany got commissioned in 1887, it was christened to the present name 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft' (AEG). In 1994, it tied up with Electrolux, which is one of the leaders in home appliance industry. The tie-up changed the full face of the company and got its brand name AEG- Electrolux.

Some of the Larder fridge models of AEG are given with their cheapest prices.

  1. SK912004I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £379.41

  2. SK988004I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £370.00

  3. SU860004I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £266.00

  4. SK918005I AEG Larder fridge: Cheapest price- £614.97

  5. S72343KA8 AEG 11.8 cu ft Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £580.05

  6. SK912005I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £376.00

  7. SU960005I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £419.00

  8. SU960405I AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £319.00

  9. SK988005I AEG 155 litre Built-In Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £497.00

  10. SU860005I AEG Under counter Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £279.97

  11. S72390KA6 AEG Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £539.99

  12. SK912007I AEG Integrated 122cm Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £549.00

  13. SK988006I AEG Integrated 88cm Larder Fridge: Cheapest price- £411.99

The customers say that they are well to do with their AEG-Electrolux larder fridges. All praise to the customer service of AEG Electrolux. The engineering science of the Electrolux has helped AEG to go up to heights than ever before. The ad word for AEG Electrolux is “Perfect in Form and Function.”


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